About Us

Hope Pak is a poverty-fighting outreach project that brings a glimmer of hope to kids in need by providing resources to help them stay in school. We ask caring donors to donate backpacks and school supplies, and we deliver them through our partner organizations around the world.

Our Kids

We partner with Christians in 9 countries to deliver the backpacks to children. Our partners are embedded in the communities they work in. They know the local children, and know what their needs are. They have asked us to send them Hope Paks to bring them joy and provide kids with resources that enable them to attend school. Each gift will be given freely to the child, requiring nothing in return. Kids may be offered Christian literature or invitations to participate in programs from the local Christian partner alongside the gifts.

Our Purpose

The gifts provide a glimmer of hope for a needy child. We want to bring a smile to their face, provide them with some helpful items, and remind them that someone cares for them.

For kids living in poverty, something as simple as not having pencils and paper can prevent them from being able to attend school. The phrase often used for this is "lack of resources". Hope Paks are providing those basic items for kids to help enable them to get an education and help break the cycle of poverty.


We collect backpacks and school supplies ongoing throughout the year. Please connect with us on social media to find out about the latest collection drives.


Do kids living in poverty NEED a new backpack? Not necessarily.

What they do need is hope.

Hope is the critical need we are meeting through Hope Pak. Backpacks are the specific way God has directed us to bring hope to needy kids. Hope Paks are fun and easy to assemble. Each pak should be assembled and given with joy, anticipating the glimmer of hope your unique and carefully assembled gift will bring a child.

Hope Pak was inspired by personal interactions by the founder, Shannon Kozee, with kids she encountered in her travels. In each case, a backpack and/or school supplies were the number one desire of the child to receive as a gift. Backpacks serve a practical purpose for needy kids when traveling potentially long distances to school, but they are also much more. A backpack can be a humble “status symbol” and expression of the unique character of each child.

Remember back-to-school shopping when you were a child? If you were lucky, picking out a new backpack was a huge part of the joy and anticipation of starting a new school year. Selecting the color or pattern, making sure it had all the right pockets and gadgets you wanted, the brand you liked, and then of course, making it your own. Creatively adding your name, stickers, patches, and designs in paint pen or sharpie, adding your own personality to your backpack was part of the fun.

As an ode to the memory of your own back to school days, or what you had hoped they would be, we encourage you to share the joy of a brand-new, gift-filled backpack with a child in need.


Our International Partners:

Opal House - Guatemala

Open Arms Worldwide - Brazil

Emoyeni - South Africa

Ministerio Sal y Luz - El Salvador

Proyecto Comunidad Carapungo - Ecuador

Comite Cristiano de Emergencia - Ecuador

Mama Mayila's Cradle Interim Care Center for Orphans - Sierra Leone

Luke 101 - Haiti

Algo Mas - Mexico

Our U.S. Partners:

e3 Resources

I am Second

Milk and Honey Food Company

White's Mercantile

Powder Springs First United Methodist Church - Powder Springs, GA

The Fringe ATL Church - Atlanta, GA

Crosspoint Christian Church - Conyers, GA


1) Select a backpack

  • New or very gently used only. No monograms, rips, dirt, stains, or broken pieces.

2) Fill it with school supplies and gifts (Choose age-neutral designs and items so that any child age 5-15 may enjoy them)

  • Select 5-10 small school supply items. Pencils, pens, erasers, scissors, folders, calculator, ruler, glue stick, markers, chalk, etc.

  • NO PAPER (notebooks, journals, folders, etc.) Paper products are too heavy to ship. We will provide the partner organization with funds to buy paper for the kids.

  • Toys and gifts: Pick 1-2 small and lightweight items for each bag, such as a stuffed toy, ball, jump rope, doll, car, etc. (No guns, no glass)

3) Include a Hope Note: A note of encouragement for the recipient child. Consider including a photo of who packed the bag.

4) Include $10 for international shipping.

5) Don’t over-pack. Although each bag will be different, we want there to be some level of consistency among the contents, so that each child gets a wonderful gift. Instead of over-packing 1, pack 2 bags.


Hope Paks are collected ongoing throughout the year. Stay in touch with us on social media for current collection drives and special needs.

Ship completed paks to:
Hope Pak
110 Grenadier Drive
Franklin, TN 37064

Email us at hopepakinfo@gmail.com with any questions or to connect with us about delivering them locally in the greater Nashville area.

Ideas for assembling Hope Paks:
1) Pack as an individual, family, or group

2) Host a “Pak Up Hope” party and pack as a group

3) Collect them at schools during “back to school” time

4) Host a “back to school” bash with your friends or family and collect them

5) Collect supplies and gifts throughout the year and pack them in backpacks all at one time


Sponsor one Hope Pak - $20

For $20 you can sponsor a Hope Pak and we will assemble one for you. Forgo the shopping and decision making, and let us put together a Hope Pak in your honor.

Sponsor a Box of Backpacks - $70

For $70 you can sponsor a box of 24 backpacks which we secure at a bulk rate. These bags are shipped flat and make it easy for us to carry them overseas for delivery!

International Shipping - any amount

Make a donation to help offset the costs of international shipping. Although each person who assembles a Hope Pak donates $10 to help with shipping, that doesn’t always cover all the costs involved with getting paks where in the world they need to go.

Where Most Needed - any amount

Make a donation to help with the development of Hope Pak. As a start up project, we have costs associated with getting things up and going. Help us launch by making a general donation to be used where most needed.

You can make a donation via PayPal to hopepakinfo@gmail.com.

As of right now, donations are NOT tax deductible. Hope Pak is a small project and we are considering securing 501c3 non-profit status in the future. Until that time, donations will be considered a gift.

You may make a donation to Hope Pak's work in Haiti with Luke 101 here. Please designate the donation for Hope Pak: https://www.luke101.com/donate