About Us

Hope Pak is a poverty-fighting outreach project that brings a glimmer of hope to kids in need by providing resources to help them stay in school. We ask caring donors to donate backpacks and school supplies, and we deliver them through our partner organizations around the world.

Our Kids

We partner with Christians in 9 countries to deliver the backpacks to children. Our partners are embedded in the communities they work in. They know the local children, and know what their needs are. They have asked us to send them Hope Paks to bring them joy and provide kids with resources that enable them to attend school. Each gift will be given freely to the child, requiring nothing in return. Kids may be offered Christian literature or invitations to participate in programs from the local Christian partner alongside the gifts.

Our Purpose

The gifts provide a glimmer of hope for a needy child. We want to bring a smile to their face, provide them with some helpful items, and remind them that someone cares for them.

For kids living in poverty, something as simple as not having pencils and paper can prevent them from being able to attend school. The phrase often used for this is "lack of resources". Hope Paks are providing those basic items for kids to help enable them to get an education and help break the cycle of poverty.


We collect backpacks and school supplies ongoing throughout the year. Please connect with us on social media to find out about the latest collection drives.