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1) Select a backpack

  • New or very gently used only. No monograms, rips, dirt, stains, or broken parts.


2) Fill it with school supplies and gifts (choose age-neutral designs and items so that any child age 5-15 may enjoy them)

  • Select 5-10 small school supply items. Pencils, pens, erasers, scissors, folders, calculator, ruler, glue stick, markers, chalk, etc.

  • NO PAPER (notebooks, journals, folders, etc.) Paper products are too heavy to ship. We will provide the partner organization with funds to buy paper for the kids.

  • Toys and gifts: Pick 1-2 small and lightweight items for each bag, such as a soft toy, ball, jump rope, doll, car, etc. (no weapons, liquid, or breakable items)


3) Include a Hope Note - a note of encouragement for the recipient child.


4) Include $10 for international shipping.



Note: Please don’t over-stuff the bag! Although each bag will be different, we want there to be some level of consistency among the contents, so that each child gets a wonderful gift.

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