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Thank you for your interest in supporting Hope Pak's mission!


You may make a donation via PayPal to or Venmo to @Shannon-Kozee

Please visit our GoFundMe page here:

As of right now, donations are NOT tax deductible. Hope Pak is a small project and we are considering securing 501c3 non-profit status in the future. Until that time, donations will be considered a gift.

Sponsor one Hope Pak - $20

For $20 you can sponsor a Hope Pak and we will assemble one for you. Forgo the shopping and decision making, and let us put together a Hope Pak in your honor.

Sponsor a box of backpacks - $70

For $70 you can sponsor a box of 24 backpacks which we secure at a bulk rate. These bags are shipped flat and make it easy for us to carry them overseas for delivery!

International shipping - Any amount

Make a donation to help offset the costs of international shipping. Although each person who assembles a Hope Pak donates $10 to help with shipping, that doesn’t always cover all the costs involved with getting paks where in the world they need to go.

Where most needed - Any amount

Make a donation to help with the development of Hope Pak. As a start up project, we have costs associated with getting things up and going. Help us launch by making a general donation to be used where most needed.

Luke 101 Haiti - Any amount

You may make a donation to Hope Pak's work in Haiti with Luke 101 here.

Please designate the donation for Hope Pak:

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